Liens and reimbursement demands against personal injury recoveries are a burden. They are a direct drain on the client’s net recovery, require the lawyer to spend hours working to resolve the liens, and delay disbursement of both fees and nets to client.

The Lien Project wants to solve all three issues. We focus on lien reduction to increase the client’s net. We deal with the health insurers and their recovery agents so that you can focus on the rest of the claim/case. We work to have the lien resolved by the time the case is ready for disbursement so the lien tail is not wagging the settlement dog.


We do pure lien processing and/or resolution as a vendor. We only get paid if we get reductions greater than those your client is entitled to as part of statutory limits. I.E. if the lien is subject to a reduction for common fund under Civil Code Sec. 3040, or a net maximum such as in Civil Code Sec. 3045, we get paid based on further reductions. The rate is 27% of the reduction obtained with caps based upon the gross recovery.

Our fee can be carried as a case/claim expense or fee split, depending on how you and your client want to handle it. In the end – if we resolve the lien – we will indemnify you and the client forever on the lien.

We get results that speak for themselves. Give us an opportunity and we will demonstrate that our work results in higher net recoveries to your clients and better workflows in your office.


Step 1: Engage The Lien Project

Review the Engagement Agreement. It sets forth the general terms of the engagement of The Lien Project (“TLP”) by your firm to handle lien reduction/processing. Sign, scan and email back. This is not specific to any client/lien. Once on file, we are ready to handle any lien you refer for handling and can get started immediately.

Step 2: Refer a Lien to TLP

For each lien you want to send to TLP to handle, fill out an Intake Form, sign and return with relevant documentation. There are basically five different types of liens: 1. Medicare, 2. Med-ical 3. Private Insurance [including ERISA] 4. Hospital Liens and 5. Government Liens [MCRA, TRI-CARE, CMS]. Each has slightly different document requests.


Liens and reimbursement demands can be complicated. Each case/claim presents unique circumstances. As experienced trial lawyers, we can help put the lien issues into context to help you maximize your case valuations and recovery efforts. Don’t hesitate to call us to discuss your case circumstances.